What is the geography of your favourite place?

The 2017 competition provided students with the opportunity to explore their favourite place. ‘Place’ is one of the most important terms used by geographers, allowing an exploration of the people, processes and connections that make particular places meaningful. 

Everyone’s favourite place is different and unique. It could be somewhere everyday – such as a local space, a football stadium or a museum – or somewhere extraordinary – such as a holiday destination, a place that holds a special memory, or a place that you have read about or seen in a film.

In an exploration of their favourite place, pupils considered how their favourite place is shaped by local, national and global process, and what these geographical processes – both physical and human – are; the people and connections that make this place meaningful; and the social, cultural, political and environmental geography of their favourite place. 

The competition has four categories: Key Stage 2 (students aged 9-11), Key Stage 3 (students aged 11-14), Key Stage 4 or GCSE (students aged 14-16) and Key Stage 5 or A Level (students aged 16-18). The Society encouraged schools to run their own local semi-finals before entering their top-placed entries into the national competition.


2017 winners

Key Stage 2 (students aged 9-11)

Winner: Charlotte Dunn, Caterham Prep School 

Highly Commended entries:

  • William James, Kings College Junior School

  • Audrey Smith, Badgemore Primary School

  • Miu Someya, Croydon High School - Junior School


Key Stage 3 (students aged 11-14)

Winner: Sophie O'Riordan, Pate's Grammar School

Highly Commended entries:

  • Francine Bibby, Bromley High School

  • Scott Morrow, Harton Academy

  • Corry Traynor, St Paul's Juniors


Key Stage 4 (students aged 14-16)

Winner: Katy Williams, St Helen and St Katharine

Highly Commended entries:

  • Tom Hopkins, Trinity School

  • Guy Milton-Jenkins, King's College Taunton

  • Rishika Saxena, Nonsuch High School for Girls


Key Stage 5 (students aged 16-18)

Winner: Phoebe Jackson, Peter Symonds College

Highly Commended entries:

  • Katie Banks, Brighton College

  • Jasmine Dhaliwal, Kendrick School

  • Emaan Ullah, Roundhay School


Details of the 2018 Young Geographer of the Year competition will be released in April 2018. Please do not contact us regarding the competition before this date.

The Young Geographer of the Year competition and Rex Walford Award are kindly supported by:

A group of young people

A group of young people