This hub is your go-to area for information and resources as an Undergraduate Geography Ambassador.

Logging school and event visits

This area allows you to log your activity as a Geography Ambassador. It's important you keep up to date so that you can count your activity towards extra curricular awards, and use as evidence for job applications and references.

Please log all activity in the green form at the bottom of this page.

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The Basecamp group is the easiest way to be involved in the Geography Ambassador Community, where you can comment and share things, team up with other Ambassadors from different universities, respond to teacher visit requests and much more. (please note it's only trained Ambassadors that have access to this group)

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Our Esri UK Storymap brings together everything you need to get started as an Ambassador, including links to everything on this page, as well as tips for sessions, ideas for activities and plenty of content to download.

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We have a LinkedIn group for Graduate Geography Ambassadors, once you graduate you can join if you'd like.

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Our RGS-IBG Schools Twitter feed is a great place to find out about more of what the Society is doing in an education capacity, events to attend, as well as new stories and resources you can use for visits.

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Esri UK

Esri UK have a fantastic bank of storymap resources, covering everything from the origins of punk rock to great wetlands of the world, there will undoubtedly be some you find interesting and useful for visits. You can also create your own guided by a tutorial.

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Restless Earth Workshops

The British Cartographic Society runs a yearly programme of fantastic events called Restless Earth Workshops, that happen all around the country. They are coordinated by Alice Gadney ( and supported by Geography Ambassadors. Check out the current timetable for next academic year and get in touch with Alice if you'd like to help out.

Don't forget...

You're giving up your time to volunteer as a Geography Ambassador, so make sure you get the most out of it! Your activity can count towards lots of extra curricular things such as Duke of Edinburgh, university 'award' schemes, particular modules (such as the Geography in Education and Communicating Geography modules) as well as anything else relevant, so do make sure you use it to your advantage.

Need anything else?

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If you are interested in becoming a part of the scheme or have any further questions, please contact us.
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