In order to become a Geography Ambassador, applicants are required to attend a four and a half hour training session which will take place either at their university or at the Society in London. The training aims to provide you with everything you need to feel confident in your new role and is a lively, fun and hands-on way of getting acquainted with the scheme.

Have a look at our Storymap showing what happens over a year in the Geography Ambassador Scheme  to see if it's something you'd like to be a part of, and if so please fill in the application form below, choosing the training session you'd like to attend. 

Role Description

  • To be an enthusiastic, positive role model to students;

  • To organise and facilitate visits through liaison with teachers, other Ambassadors and the Project Coordinator;

  • Be pro-active in engaging schools that are not familiar with the scheme in your local and/or university area;Create sessions, activities and workshops for school visits and events – you will receive continued help and support with this;

  • Volunteer at RGS-IBG in-house events and other events associated with the scheme;

  • To have a positive attitude, be pro-active and show willingness and enthusiasm in undertaking the variety of tasks the scheme offers;

  • Adhere to the Ambassador scheme Code of Conduct.

We are grateful for your commitment, enthusiasm and time as we recognise you have study and/or work priorities to balance. However, we do ask that you undertake at least five sessions over the first year, the first of which must take place within six months of training.

Sessions may include the following subjects, themes and ideas:

  • The breadth of the subject, with the aim to dispel students’ preconceptions and broaden their knowledge of what studying geography can offer;

  • Specific areas of GCSE and A Level syllabi, as requested by the teacher;

  • Geographical careers;

  • Geographical techniques;

  • Why you love geography, what you’re studying, your specific interests and your experience of the subject at university;

  • Getting students to think about big questions;

  • University life, the application process and hints and tips for studying.

You may also be invited to:

  • Support fieldwork and fieldtrips – local, national and international;

  • Help out at special events at schools, universities and other organisations – including careers evenings, geography clubs and workshops;

  • Volunteer at events here at the Society – including Going Places with Geography, Bridging the Gap, GIS Day and the Children’s Lecture – alongside other events associated with the scheme

“As a keen geographer I was very excited to go and spread the geography love and it was very rewarding to do so…” - Isabel Emerson, University of Sheffield

Key Skills and Experience

  • Passion and enthusiasm for geography and promoting it to others;

  • A ‘can-do’ attitude;

  • The desire to become actively involved in a largely autonomous volunteer scheme, being consistently pro-active setting up school visits and helping at events;

  • A desire to share experience and knowledge with other Ambassadors to help others, pool resources, share ideas and be a part of the Ambassador community;

  • Experience of work with young people and/or a willingness to work with them;

  • Strong communication skills alongside a willingness to develop and improve them;

  • The ability to use initiative, think quickly and outside of the box, especially in delivering sessions to students.

“The Ambassadors were excellent in engaging students and inspiring them. They ensured that the students understood the importance of geography in a fun, interesting and motivational way…” - Millie Harris, King Edward VI Community College

What do you get in return?

  • The opportunity to make a direct, positive impact on students’ understanding and enthusiasm about geography;

  • The opportunity to be part of a scheme with over 2,000 active volunteers and a vibrant community at a renowned geographical institution;

  • Improved presenting, interpersonal and organisational skills alongside experience developing your own resources, sessions and presentations;

  • Excellent work experience if you are considering becoming a teacher;

  • The chance to develop your geographical and professional network with undergraduates, graduates in the workplace, teachers and businesses;

  • The opportunity to join the Society as a Fellow or member;

  • Full travel expenses and resource costs will be paid by RGS-IBG.


If you have any further questions, please contact us: 
020 7591 3050

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If you are interested in becoming a part of the scheme or have any further questions, please contact us.
020 7591 3050

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