A Short Introduction to Quantitative Geography

This report provides a short introduction to quantitative geography and why geography without quantitative methods just does not add up

Why the future of geography is cheap

Written by Dr Jon Reades, Department of Geography, King's College London

Changing places A Level lesson plans

There is an opportunity for students to develop their data skills in relation to the multiple meanings and identities of place

Using Data Badly – a user’s guide for the unwary geography student

Written by Professor Richard Harris, Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol

Investigating the geography of crime

Produced by Raphael Heath, Head of Geography at the Royal High School Bath, as part of an Innovative Geography Teaching Grant from the RGS-IBG

Teaching the Census through GIS

Created for an RGS-IBG Innovative Teaching Grant, this resource is a collaboration between Paul Turner (Head of Geography at Bedales School) and Dr Adam Dennett (UCL Lecturer)

Data Skills in Geography – Useful Links

A selection of useful links to support the teaching of data skills in geography

Data skills in the workplace

Geographical data skills are valued in many workplaces. Watch the videos and view a series of workplace case studies

Galapagos (activities for GCSE)

How can climate variation be used to make predictions on climate change? Investigating El Niño and the Galapagos Islands

Ecosystems (activities for GCSE)

An introduction to the theory of ecological systems through dynamics such as trophic levels and food webs