Resources for teachers

Browse our catalogue of award-winning teaching resources to enhance geographical learning in your classroom.

Teacher CPD

There are a wide variety of activities that come under the CPD umbrella, and each of them enhances competence in teaching and provides up to date subject knowledge.

Geography Ambassadors

The Geography Ambassador scheme recruits, trains and supports undergraduate, postgraduate and graduate geographers from universities and businesses to act as ambassadors for geography in the classroom and beyond.

Fieldwork in schools

We offer support and fieldwork opportunities to school students, to develop geographical interests from an early age.


Competitions and awards for both students and teachers.

Teacher training scholarships

With record numbers of pupils studying geography GCSE, there is now an even greater need to recruit the next generation of geography teachers.

Curriculum and professional support

Advice and support for teachers and geography departments.


We work with teachers to ensure that geography in schools remains a vibrant and well taught subject.

Teacher grants

The Society supports innovation in teaching geography at secondary and higher education level.