Crazy paving

Why are gardens disappearing and what is the impact on run-off and flood risk?

A bad month for hazards

May 2008 has brought a cluster of major hazard events: a volcano in Chile, the cyclone in Burma and earthquakes in China

Brought down to earth

The economic impact of Iceland’s volcano on Kenya’s gourmet-veg and cut-flower industry

Comparing Avalanches in the Alps and Afghanistan

Intense periods of snow fall in two regions of the world caused a series of deadly avalanches in early 2015

Hampstead Heath Ponds

The Hampstead Heath Ponds Project is designed to make the Heath and the surrounding residential areas less prone to flooding

Human triggered avalanches in the Carpathian Mountains, Romania

The frequency with which dangerous avalanches occur in the Carpathian mountains is comparable with the rest of Europe and North America, yet observations of their causes in this region are relatively understudied

Nepal earthquakes, avalanches and landslides

On the 25 April 2015, Nepal experienced a magnitude 7.8 earthquake, followed by an avalanche on Mount Everest, a second, 7.4 magnitude earthquake on the 12 May 2015 in eastern Nepal, and numerous landslides and aftershocks

Responses to natural hazard risks in China

Public awareness of risk and effective behavioural responses are fundamental to successful risk management strategies

Superstorm Sandy: A geographical perspective

When Superstorm Sandy hit coast of the USA it caused disruption that would dominate the headlines for days

The human-induced hazard of Hungary

Not all hazards are natural: a red mudflow from an industrial reservoir devastated parts of Hungary recently, killing nine people

UK water and climate risks

The linked issues of water supply and climate change have been in the news, following the UK’s extreme winter weather of 2013-14.

Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti

A collection of geographical news stories reporting on the Hurricane that hit Haiti in October 2016

Hurricane Irma

In September 2017 Hurricane Irma hit the Caribbean Islands with devastating impacts before moving to Florida, in the USA

The geography of science

The purpose of this module is to explore some of the links between the disciplines of geography and science through three topical flashpoints: swine flu, earthquakes and climate change

Hurricane Harvey

A collection of geographical news stories covering the devastating hurricane that hit Texas, USA in August 2017

Geography: The language of Europe

This is a cross-curricular module which introduces aspects of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) into the geographical study of places and processes in Europe

Are you flood ready?

This unit of work teaches resilience in the context of water and flooding

Risky world

The purpose of this module is to explore the world of risk from a personal scale to a global scale

Mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes

This module, comprising of six lessons, or half a term’s work, will focus on mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes

Coastal surges and flooding in the UK: a prompt for more sustainable drainage?

In early January 2014, at the same time that North America was experiencing heavy snow storms and sub-zero temperatures, the UK was also facing its own package of extreme weather

Sinkholes: A geophysical hazard

At their most mysterious, sinkholes can make it seem like the earth is opening up and swallowing people and their possessions whole

Natural disasters and conflict

Hard-to-tackle geographical challenges continue to hinder the development of some of the world’s very poorest countries

Landslides and risks

Professor Dave Petley, Pro-Vice-Chanchellor for Research and Enterprise at the University of East Anglia talks to us about landslides and risks

Volcanoes and volcanology

Sarah Henton, graduate student, Alaska Volcano Observatory, Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Hazardous Holidays: Earthquake in Kos

On Friday 21 July 2017, an earthquake hit just off the coast of the Greek Island of Kos, and Turkish city of Bodrum in the Aegean Sea

Grand Alpine Tour

The ‘Grand Alpine Tour’, undertaken in the summer of 2014, encompassed a six thousand mile journey through some of the Alps’ toughest terrain

Tectonic landscapes

Volcanic research at a subduction zone

Earthquakes in New Zealand

Returning “home”?: Emotional geographies of the disaster displacement in Christchurch, New Zealand

Well-being in the aftermath of a flood

Dr Kate Walker-Springett is an environmental social scientist currently based in the Geography department at the University of Exeter

Natural disasters: How to improve?

How our response to natural disasters can be improved and lessons learnt which benefit vulnerable communities worldwide in the long-term